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A Ceremony Remembered
Non-Denominational - Traditional - Civil Weddings and other Celebration Services
By Reverend Jack Baragar

Proudly introduced as Husband & Wife Gamal & Jessica on 09-26-2009

Enjoy a sample of their ceremony below.


**** Fees: ****

** Fees will vary due to length or complexity of ceremony and travel distance. ** Rehearsals may also be extra. Any overnight lodging required will be added above the regular fee for services. All agreed to fees are to be paid prior to the Ceremony.

Non-Traditional Weddings:
Fee: $175 — $300 *

If you see your life style as “non-conformist” or “marching to your own drummer” and you wish to blend your own style into your unique wedding day and ceremony, then I am the open-minded, open-hearted minister/officiant that you are looking for. Performing non-traditional ceremonies requiring even more imagination and creativity is both stimulating and fun. Call me with your ideas and ceremony needs.