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A Ceremony Remembered
Non-Denominational - Traditional - Civil Weddings and other Celebration Services
By Reverend Jack Baragar

Proudly introduced as Husband & Wife Gamal & Jessica on 09-26-2009

Enjoy a sample of their ceremony below.


**** Fees: ****

** Fees will vary due to length or complexity of ceremony and travel distance. ** Rehearsals may also be extra. Any overnight lodging required will be added above the regular fee for services. All agreed to fees are to be paid prior to the Ceremony.

Michigan Wedding Couple

Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies: Fee: $175—$300 *

As a non-denominational minister/officiant I understand that interfaith ceremonies can be very sensitive events. I respect that two people with different religious faiths desire to be joined in marriage and I also understand that there are two different sets of family with differing beliefs to be considered.

For varying reasons, there are wedding minister/officiants in Michigan who do not view this as I do. I believe that your wedding day is uniquely yours and I am here as a wedding minister/officiant to help make it your own special day. My personal beliefs should support yours. Some couples have been "rejected" by ministers who decline to marry them because of their different faiths and because of their Church policy not allowing interfaith unions. Please call me if you need an interfaith marriage ceremony. When you love someone that you cannot live without, your different faiths just should not be an obstacle. I will not require you to attend pre-marriage counseling because I trust that your love for each other is the force that binds you together, not the religion that you were born into.

I am an interfaith wedding minister/officiant who will conduct your memorable interfaith wedding ceremony in the enduring spirit of love.